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So we just got a whole bunch of people around. We had to go and find a John that would complement [Benedict] properly because they had to be a team really. We saw some wonderful actors, but they somehow didn’t quite make the partnership somehow, and then Martin Freeman came in and we went, "There’s John Watson."

- Sherlock Uncovered: The Return

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Free afternoon and charged internet aw yiss ✨

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”..because you’re an idiot.”

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I’ve always been curious as to whether Sherlock's unaired pilot had a title before being ditched and reworked into 'A Study in Pink'

Turns out, it did: A Touch of Pink.


 The current official Facebook page for BBC’s Sherlock : [x
 The former official Facebook page for A Touch of Pink : [x]
 The CV of the pilot’s costume designer, Ray Holman (archived from May 2009) : [x]
 Sherlock’s Wikipedia article history (archived from Dec 2009) : [x]

interesting, instead of calling it “gay pilot” we can now officially call it “ATOP”

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a toUCH OF PINK ¡!¿?

if i was a gym leader, what would my type, pokemon, badge, and signature pokemon be?

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"uh.. Hey… John Watson…just wanted to say, nice to meet you… uhhh I’m…I’m Sherlock Holmes…"

Potterlock !!! For my beautiful Lucia, readable-sherlock-art I remembered you said in the potterlock AU, it’ll be  so much better if Sherlock was wearing glasses, so here for you! ^__^

And yeah, Sherlock was running after John, to introduce himself, he even practiced the scene before.

Have a lovely day ~~